What started out as a day-long conference for moms turned into a passion to educate women entrepreneurs on how to not only succeed at their business, but create a family-work life balance that they love.

Cristy, Nicki and Johanna attended a conference in January 2014 that promoted itself as a Mom entrepreneur centered day of talks, discussions and workshops. They left feeling like they had spent a day listening to women talk about how they had created fabulous, successful careers. And then they had kids. They were left wondering, “Well, what happened to their careers after they had kids? Are there any stories of women who started and managed successful careers AFTER having kids?”

They sat down over a bottle of wine, some margaritas and a bowl of queso (to fuel creativity!) and hatched out what would become Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur – a coaching and mentoring program for women who want to create a thriving business, but still have the time and energy for a loving and supportive family life.


Spiral notebook pages were filled with ideas and sketches, drawings and notes. Workshops, retreats, websites and blogs ideas were all discussed and jotted down. They would educate women entrepreneurs on basic business know-how, but also marketing, messaging, how to take care of themselves when we tend to loose ourselves between work and family. They would provide tools and resources on how to set up and manage money, home, work and fun.

Work, life, community

They came up with the core components that they felt were needed to facilitate a great work-life balance. Education and support are the main themes throughout their programs. They start with a self-discovery sesseion (Alignment Strategy Session) to help clients find the passion and purpose within their business. Clients walk away with an action plan for making their business a success while leaving time and energy for the lif they want and love.

A key component of their system is support. No women is an island. And no women should feel like one. Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur creates a support system for their clients with interactive forums, private Facebook groups, one-on-one coaching and mastermind calls. Everything is designed to provide women business owners with the tools and support that they need for success.

What started out as three moms eventually became two. With Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur, both Cristy and Nicki are dedicated to lifting up and supporting soulful women entrepreneurs through education, coaching and mentoring. They strongly believe that women are here to change the world. And, they plan to do their part to help make that happen.

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