Have you ever had a moment where the skies open up, and you hear music in the background like angels singing?  And you think to yourself, “Damn, that is Brilliant!”

I call them a-ha moments, and they can range from super small pops of insight like, “Bring in the dogs ’cause it’s fixing to rain,” to a huge, “Holy Crap!” revelations.

And I had one this weekend, surrounded by a whole bunch of proactive, philanthropic attendees at a “let’s change the world one woman at a time” event. Don’t get me wrong, I want to save the world. I just didn’t know how I was going to make my difference in the world at large. You have to admit it can be a bit daunting to see all the suffering in the world and realize you are a mere drop in the bucket.

But I had that “Holy Crap” a-ha moment. And in the mists of it all I felt that I finally get it, and get my path.

When I started my coaching practice officially in 2013 after publishing my first book Mommy Sense, my goal and biggest ambition was to help others be more aware of who they were in their business + their lives so they could show their kids how to become the great people they were meant to be.  That was pretty big for me, but it felt like it wasn’t fully developed yet.

Now my perspective + purpose have shifted to expand beyond that small vision to encompass a greater impact on a global level.

Why the change?

I realized in my own reflection that for you to grow and expand your business, your dream + vision have to grow and expand as well. It’s kind of like the video games where we are in the dark, and you can only see what your torch will light up for you in the space you are in.  Same thing.  I feel like I have stepped into a bigger room and can see more of where I am going and what I am meant to do to change the world in my own way.

So, what is the expanded vision, this big a-ha?  Well, I’ll tell you.  While my life purpose is to help, guide, and assist you in becoming more aware of who you are and being that person in all things, my business purpose has expanded to be more visionary.

I am a Hermit (heart lines in your hands) so I most desire the feeling of freedom. And to really succeed in a big way I realized I need a partner equal and fair. While my husband is amazing at supporting me at home, my business has just been me. While it has paid the bills, it really hasn’t grown like I thought it would.  Then I met Nicki (a Mom of kiddos who went to school with my son in Montessori), and over 3 bottles of wine we hatched Soulful Mompreneur!  This is where we get to empower, educate, inspire soulful, heart-centered women entrepreneurs build an amazing business they love doing what actually gives them the family life they have always dreamed of.



I realized our vision is to help you bring your vision to life in a way that is in alignment with who YOU are so you can make a positive impact in the world, bring home the bacon, and have more time for what you enjoy most, your family + friends.  Being in alignment is key:  to happiness, feeling successful, but also supporting and acknowledging the amazing around you like in your family.

Now I feel like a more proactive Mom, and supportive wife.

Whoa!  Feel like YOU don’t have a vision?  That is what I wondered over for years when I started my practice, but I realized I had one, even thought I knew I could not see the breathe + depth of it all.  I feel like I still cannot see all of it or how it will pan out, but I KNOW it is there.

So, my lesson share:  Be where you are. Be WHO you are.  No harsh judgement of what you should be doing or are NOT doing.  Allow your greater vision to come in it’s own time.  Meanwhile, keep doing what you are PULLED to do, and when you get frustrated, know you are pushing.

Now I feel like I am always being me, and it is a LOT less WORK!!!

Want to find what it means for you to be in alignment with what you are putting out into the world?

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Exciting Stuff!

Cristy Nix, SoulfulMompreneur.com

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