[video] How to Manifest Faster with the Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard, “What you focus on is what you will create?”
Well, that my friends is the Law of attraction.  Manifesting is your own ability to bring what you want into fruition, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some challenges around bringing things into my life that I want to make happen.  What’s funny is that is what we do for our clients everyday, help them bring their business into alignment with who they are so manifesting what the really want is a whole lot easier.
But, you know cobbler’s shoes and all.
So, when a client so clearly put it in such a simple + direct manor, I had to share it with you.  She said ” being in alignment sure makes the law of attraction work faster”
BOOM!!!  Mind Blown!!
Law of attraction
We work so hard to push ourselves to work harder, do more, try more things, do things we really don’t want to, but feel we “have” to.
But is that really putting us in a place to manifest what we really want?
By aligning ourselves with what we want to put out into the world is key, and keeping our focus there, and not the money, stress, and self doubt, is what is really going to serve us AND our clients best, right?
So, my question, what do you feel is hard or challenging in your world? Your business?
THAT is what is holding you back from manifesting with ease.  So, stop being so hard on yourself, and find someone to help you get your business in alignment with who you are.  It’s just easier.  And I’m feeling like we could all use a little more of that, right?
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Exciting Stuff!!
 Cristy Nix, SoulfulAlignedbiz.com

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