My big A-ha moment!

The real reason your business isn’t working
the way you really wish it would….

There’s a gap between what you know, your tools, skills, and education and how u r doing business. Choosing marketing strategies, products to offer, your list building strategies, goals for your business.

I discovered what I call “the gap” when I started my coaching practice a while back.  Wanting to hit the ground running and be “all in” as you might say, I decided to invest in my education as a coach signing up for a year long program of high ticket coaching.  Their whole premise was creating a conscious business and get clients which was what I wanted.  Wow, he gave us so much information and awesome tools to use, it was wonderful.  But I found myself making up answers because I really didn’t know some of the things he was asking like :  who is your audience, where do they hang out, what is the result they want, what are you really here to offer”.

At the end of the first year, I had NOT make back my investment, and felt totally bummer out.  Then a friend who I had done the first year with asked if we should work together.  I’m thinking, “awesome” so we signed up for a second year.  I applied the tools and information as my coaches suggested…pushing myself to create something to offer and selling it.  I started making a bit of money, and had some clients  but something was still missing.  I wasn’t happy or satisfied at all.  My clients were not getting the results they wanted and my group program just fell apart.  I was devastated, and actually thought about throwing in the towel.  What am I doing here?


So, my business partner + I took a break, and I went back to the core of all of this…me.  I started using my tools and assessments on me, compiling information and comparing it to my business.  As I started making some shifts, I got my first referral, and she was a great fit.  No selling at all.  We simply had a conversation and she asked how to get started, and we were off!  I applied what I did to my business to hers and she started getting great results really quickly.  I was just as amazed as she was.


What’s the gap you ask?  This is what I learned.  That there was a gap between where I was and where they thought I was in my business. Things they just assumed I knew like who I was, how I worked best in my business, and what I really wanted big picture, and the steps to get there.  In a nutshell, my high end coaches assumed I knew my uniqueness and had designed my business from that core space.  Nope, hence the gap. Since I didn’t know myself and they couldn’t help me figure it out or how to apply it (THAT’s a game changer), I just made up what seemed like a good answer and took it from there. The results were good but felt all wrong…like I was pushing to make the numbers happen and if I didn’t I was a failure.  Our coaches said we were doing so well, too! What’s wrong with us?
Question: How many of you have invested in a coaching, training, or any program only to not get the results you expected to get if any?  
Well I hear you, and I’m right there with you.
So I went back to the basics….answering the questions : what do I really want, who am I , what are my unique qualities? What am we here to teach or do for others? Wow, this was enlightening. Then I started applying it to my business almost like a make over….tweaking this, changing that…and the most amazing thing happened…someone referred a client to me. So, I decided to test this theory out with her. She got amazing results and fast, too. Then once I started to really see what it was that was helping her get clear and create exactly the results she wanted, Clients just started to find me.  That’s when I knew I need to share how to bridge the gap.


And the uniqueness factor came into being.  It is made up of 5 insightful exercises to help you jump-start this awareness of how you are, how you work, and what you are here to do…then the secret sauce of applying it to your business.  That is what gets you the results you are really after.


Do u feel like you are being pushed to make the numbers or get results, only to get results that don’t feel good or what you wanted?  Maybe you know there has to be an easier way to still do things your way AND make a good living doing it.  Then this is for you!


Why is this happening? The gap is made up of your unique way of doing business, what I call your uniqueness factors. The first 5 factors are where I start my new clients in getting more aligned.


If your marketing isn’t working or feel the need to rebrand, start here: alignment grid find how u naturally market best to reach and attract your ideal clients.


Business shouldn’t feel hard, but easy and flowing. Let’s find your flow!

Sept~ Sapphires + Soulful Resources

Wow. This is our first newsletter and we are so stoked that you are among our first readers. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

With this first issue, we are introducing what we hope will become some monthly features, as well as other interesting tidbits and resources. And, we’d love your feedback and thoughts on what is included and other things you would like to see us cover in future issues.

Let’s start with some freebies!


 1.  We are offering our new e-book for free: 3 Steps to Make Money, Change the World and Still Have a Life. It focuses on the 3 steps we take our clients through to actually bring your business into alignment with who you are so success is easier + more natural.  Grab your copy here>>

2.  Running a Divine Business?  We’ve partnered up with some other great soulful sources to create a virtual library of free resources for you and your business. Get your copy of our e-book and a bunch of other great resources, tips + tools for a more spiritual business here!

BUSINESS TIP: Managing Your Calendar
As a business owner, it falls to you to not only work “in” your business – fulfilling orders, managing projects, coaching your clients – but also to work “on” your business. This means that you have to keep business development a priority, even while you’re working on the business you already have.

A key success factor for your business is to put time into client-generating activities while balancing client work and your personal life. One of they key tools we use to help us visualize this is our calendar. Yep, a simple calendar.

EXERCISE: Sit down with a blank calendar and map out a typical month. Put down monthly meetings and networking events. Add your Sunday night football gatherings,Ladies’ night and book club. Insert when your Facebook ad is going out and when you send your newsletter. Carve out time for consultations and strategy sessions. Put it all on there.

Now, step back. Take a look and make sure there are client generating activities on there. One day a week might be enough for your business. Or maybe you need to be working on it one hour each day. Find your balance.

Use the link below to download a PDF of a blank calendar and get started today. The sooner you map it out, the sooner you become master of your calendar.  Calendar Download!

Sapphires, Stone of the Month, September.

Sapphire is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.
From: “Love is in the Earth” by Melody


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