Your Human Design chart is like a house.
By Karen Parker Curry
Each Center represents a room.
The Head Center is the mediation room, where we connect to Source, contemplate and are inspired.
The Ajna is the library, where we seek to understand and know and where we also translate inspiration into tangible possibilities.
The Throat Center is the front door.  This is the place that determines when, with who and how we go out into the world.
The Will Center is the kitchen.  This is the Center that regulates our sustenance and nourishment, both energetically and on the material plane.
The G-Center is the Living Room, the Center we probably should be living out of more in order for us to be aligned with Who We Truly Are and our Right Direction.
The Spleen Center is the laundry room (and that place where you store the mops, buckets and cleaning supplies).  This is where we clean so that the house is a healthy and nurturing environment.
The Emotional Solar Plexus is the dining room.  We don’t always use the dining room.  It’s the place where we connect and create when the energy is right and we’ve prepared a special table for the occasion.
The Sacral is the bedroom – need I say more?
The Root Center is the foundation of the house and the place that keeps the house safe, strong and enduring….
You also have a porch.  Your aura is your porch.  You have control over who (and what) you let onto your porch when you understand how your energy works.  It’s from the porch that you get to decide who and what you let into your house.
Most of us aren’t really fully living in all the rooms of our Human Design house.  We tend to lock ourselves in certain rooms and we don’t travel freely from room to room, creating a balanced and harmonious experience in the house of our Being.
The world needs strong and healthy people to lead us into creating and crafting a new story of alignment, Truth, equity, sustainability, peace and possibility.
You can’t lead if you’re not FREE.
You aren’t really FREE if you’re not fully living in your House.
And you certainly aren’t free if you’re not regulating who or what is on your porch – or coming in your front door.  Or if your foundation is cracked.  Or if you haven’t visited the library or the meditation room in a while.  Or if you’re stuck in the laundry room obsessively cleaning.  Or if you’re just skipping into the kitchen for a snack.  Or if you never have guests over for dinner – or into the bedroom….
Certainly you can’t lead if you’re not really LIVING in your living room – the Heart of Who You Are.
We are all Leaders.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have something to lead the world into.