Quality vs. Quantity

Quality or Quantity, THAT is the question!

Is your audience response quality or quantity? Does it bring you aligned clients?

I mean, how much of your audience actually responds to what you share with them?

1 to 2% is the average. What’s yours?  Feel free to share below.

I recently was told by another master coach that the industry average of list engagement is only 1% to 2%, so that you HAVE to have a big list to fill your programs + make your goals. That’s only 20 to 40 people engaged. Not a lot, right?

What if you had a list of 25% or even 40% continuously engaged audience who came from your list of 250 people instead? Less work, 62 more people engaged.

Curious, we ran our numbers and realized that while we have a small list according to industry average, we have a rather surprising engagement rate of 26% to 30% sometimes more (and we are paying attention to that!).

It was an eye opener for us to find out we are above average!

So, how did we do it?

Well, it was simple for us to create a more aligned list since we are only adding people to our list who ask to be on it.

Yep, that’s it.

What did we do exactly?  Well, it’s not just adding all the cards you get from a networking function or at a party or meet up where you don’t really get to connect with anyone.

Nope, we just ask them.  Simple, right?< We created lead magnets like our uniqueness quiz, that attracts our kind of Spirit-based, heart-centered kind of crowd…and ask them to join us.

We go to networking things and chat with a few people, and ask them if they want to jump on the list if we feel they would be a good fit, or offer something of value like a check list or follow up script to exchange.

Our unsubscribe rate is rather low.  Who knew, right?

It’s like having a party…do you want there to mostly be people there you know + enjoy chatting with?

OR a bunch of people you don’t know who are only there to eat your food and heard there was an open bar?

This is YOUR party. That is how you cultivate your aligned list, like building lasting relationships. Same thing. It doesn’t have to take years to grow it and you probably have a great core already.

It’s just perspective.

Your [Inspired action] ~ start thinking of what you really want in a client, what do you they need to know before engaging you, be feeling, want to get out of or solve, and create engagement around that.

AND ASK THEM TO JOIN YOUR LIST.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Permission goes a log way in building trust.

So, that is our insight for the day.  Please leave your feeling on your engagement rates, and how you want your party to be like, and if you enjoyed this, feel free to join our email list.

Exciting Stuff!

Cristy + Nicki of Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur

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