What would change in your business if…

You could recognize, access, and trust your inner CEO who is ready to guide you with all YOUR next best steps?

No more self-doubt, getting stuck or having PITA Clients….no more pushing, just smooth sailing where you get everything done and in your own time. Plus, the money is great and everything you need or can dream up.

This challenge is a 5-day Free challenge to help you recognize + start trusting your intuition.

Can I get a “Yes, Please!?”

Not feeling Insightful?

Don’t fret, we are ALL wired with Intuition, we just have to use it.

During this 5-day challenge you’ll:

  • Learn how to check in with your inner CEO to make more aligned and powerful decisions in your business on purpose!
  • Learn your unique process for growing a successful, soul-satisfying business (and the money’s great, too).
  • Share your results + a-ha moments in our private Facebook group. Comment + support this special group of friends. This way you can practice and learn in a totally safe space!
  • Plus, a simple activity so you’ll know what to do next!

Each weekday of the challenge you’ll get a video from me with an empowering exercise to start working your intuitive muscle.

Isn’t it time YOU harnessed the power of intuition in your business??

We’re starting on Monday, October 22nd…Grab a spot! Register below.

Hope you’ll join us!

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Cristy Nix
Master Intuitive and Aligned Business Strategist