Is your marketing what's really the problem?

or, making sure you're bringing you to your business

No, really?  I have many clients who come to me asking about “how to make my marketing work better for me” or “how do I get more ideal clients than not?”

Well, I hear you.  I was reminded the other day that it really isn’t about the marketing:  your message, if you have the right offer in place, what your price points are, and if your title is catchy.  I mean, all those things matter and contribute to the whole of things, but if you dig a little deeper, what is really causing the disconnect, the lack of sales, the scarcity of ideal clients?

Let me put your mind at rest ~ IT’S NOT YOU!  You are brilliant and know you are here to share your gifts with the world in a big way, right?  Money is something that comes from sharing your gifts, right?  THEN WHAT IS IT?

Breathe….it is a combination of bringing the essence of who you are FULLY into your business and paying attention:  to the timing, what inspires you, the pull to offer something awesome, the feeling you aren’t ready to talk on THAT yet, the awareness of timing.  It comes from inside of you, and if you are paying attention, it will keep you in the flow of many good things like selling a LOT of one meditation, connecting with whole groups of amazing people who are your ideal tribe, trust, focus, and attention on what you have to offer and clarity on what they want from you. Good things.

For example, take my client, Lindsey, who is a budding intuitive guide looking to be of service. She was pulled to put something new out into the world and nothing was coming. Panic. Then what do you think happened?

Here are her words:  

“I decided that I’m going to put a short meditation and a report about ‘Discovering Your Intuition’ up on my website as a freebie. But I’ve been having difficulty sitting down and making the meditation. I’m sure this is some kind of fear blockage. But as I’m working, something on my desktop catches my eye, and I realize it’s another Intuition folder. I open it, and there is an Intuition Meditation I made in January!

“I made it, planning on focusing on Intuition, then got scared and indecisive and left it. I totally forgot I had it. Now I feel like it was all meant to happen that way. 🙂

Now I can just get it uploaded tomorrow and start driving traffic to it.”

Done.  Timing is something Lindsey and I have worked on during our sessions and I’m thrilled it finally served her.

So, what can you do to pay more attention + be more in the flow of awesomeness?

Here are some tips to help you pay attention and know when it’s time to put something new out into the world.

  • Keeping a notebook of ideas + inspiration are great to keep you on track + on task.  Great to look at when you feel stuck or bored.
  • Be mindful when you keep getting “pulled” or an idea keeps popping into your head over + over.  Sit with it.
  • If you are stuck + nothing is coming to you, like Lindsey, then sit back and look to see what you have created like it in the past
  • Ask yourself, “What do I feel like sharing today?” and see what comes to you.

Remember, you are full of amazing insight + gifts to share. So share them, but have a plan and direction in mind. Otherwise, it will be difficult to make really big things happen in a way that feels really good for you.

If you would like to explore your own gift sharing strategies, then book your Soulful Business Breakthrough Session.  It’s FREE and all about you and making your business work!

Until next time!

Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur founders Cristy Nix + Nicki Gann

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