[video] How to Make “Being Visible” Something You Actually Want to Do!

We’ve all been there, some of us more than others.

The quandary:

“How to I get more ideal clients?” my client asks me.

“Well, you need to put yourself out there more,” I offer kindly.

“But I don’t like putting myself out there.  I mean who actually likes speaking in front of people?  Networking? And don’t get me started on social media!” She counters back.

“I hear you,” I said. “But if you don’t put yourself out there, they will not know you exist.”

“Peachy,”  she replies. “But there has to be a way to not dread doing it.  It’s draining and not any fun!”

“Yep, it’s called aligned visibility, and I can help you do it.”

Does this conversation hit home at all?  For many of us, “putting ourselves out there” is frustrating, baffling, and exhausting.

Why?  Because there are so many different perspectives on HOW you need to be visible.

And we are here to tell you there is only one…and it’s actually so simple you might miss it.  Do it YOUR WAY!

So, throw the rule book out the window and let’s set a course to help you find your own path in being more visible.

Be sure to watch the video to get what I’m talking about and how to find your own brand of Visibility Awesomeness!

@soulfulalign Alignment NOT Rules!

And hey, if you would like a support system in find YOUR best way to be visible, check out our next Aligned Visibility Challenge Starting Soon!


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Cristy Nix, SoulfulAlignedbiz.com

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