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What’s your Your Intuitive Style?
Have you ever known something but could not explain how you knew?
Maybe it was a physical feeling in your body like pain, or a feeling like anger or a thought just popped into your head.
And when you got this bit of information you didn’t follow it, but instead did what your mind said was logical.  Now, looking back you realized the whole situation would have turned out different, easier, and even better if you had followed your first thought?
That is your intuition, and everyone has it….most of us just need to learn to access it on purpose, and that’s were we come in.
In your business I have found that by recognizing, trusting, and applying your intuition, you can:
  • attract ideal clients
  • attract aligned support relationships like VAs, coaches, and staff
  • Manifest the changes you really want in your business + life
Learning to access, trust, and apply your intuition’s guidance is the next step as you figure out your own intuitive style, so I’ve created a 10 day challenge, Intuition on Purpose challenge.
Every day we teach Soul-based entrepreneurs (just like you) how to use their own intuition as a master tool for designing a business you love + creating a life you really want.  We can teach you how to access it on purpose so manifesting is easier for you, and life just flows better.
Also, keep an eye out for your invite to join us in our next Intuition on Purpose Challenge!  This 10-day hands-on challenge will help you learn how to access, trust, + apply your intuition to your business directly.  We’ll be using your intuitive style with specific steps to access your Intuition on purpose.
Ready to find you what type of intuitive you are?
With Grace + Ease my Friends!