Could July be your second January?

Hi there, Good to have you here!

It’s July and my birthday month, and one of my rituals is to look at the intentions and goals I set back in January to see if they are still in alignment with where I want to be come December.

We all evolve, change and learn a lot of stuff during the year, and I find this is a great way to check in and feel things out so you can adjust to still be in alignment with make those goals come to life.

So, check out the video where I go through my process, and see what steps feel right for you.  If you like, you’re welcome to join us in The Uniqueness Factor Facebook group where we talk about owning our uniqueness and applying it to make out business run more smoothly + easily.

Remember, Uniqueness = Alignment + Authenticity!  Notice where you are feel drained, stuck, or avoiding doing something…a sign you are out of alignment and something you are doing is not authentically yours.  Deep breath, shift down into your heart and ask, “What am I really being pulled to do?”!

See you in the next Video!

Cristy Nix,

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