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Know Yourself. Grow Your Business. Align Your Life!


 You are the secret sauce to creating the Unique business success you really want! 

So, how can we work together to get you there?

DIY Jump Starter.  

Discovering your Uniqueness! Know yourself to better grow your business with grace + ease.

Know yourself.

Grow your Business. Love your life with Grace + ease. Doing business your way gives you the confidence, fun + happiness you really want, not to mention more freedom!

Apply your uniqueness.

To really own who you are and be that authentically in everything you do.  I call it living in alignment, and it is the best way to let go of all your stress, overwhelm, + doubt.

Curious which one fits you best?  Let’s chat and I will help you figure out what feels best for you and we can go from there.  No obligation, just clarity.  Might even send you a better option that might not be me.

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My Promise:

While I cannot guarantee YOUR results since I cannot control you and your stuff, I do intend that you will walk away from your coaching sessions with a sense of empowerment, inspired action, and doable action items that support you achieving your aligned goals. I want happy clients, so I will do whatever I can in our power to make it happen. I just ask that you show up ready to do the work, let go of what is not serving you, and be open to stepping into alignment.

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Cristy Nix,