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Intuition or Instinct?

Intuition or Instinct? Which one do you trust more? Which one do you act on more?

I had an interesting question the other day from a client, so I thought I would answer it here. I thought since she was asking someone else might be curious, too.

Question: “Can you tell me the difference between instinct and intuition so I know which one to follow?”read More here

Well, my answer is to pay attention to both, but let me tell you why + the difference so you can start to distinguish between the two.

Above all, learn to trust yourself. I know it can be challenging, but only you know what is in your best + highest good. No one else. (Just a friendly public service announcement). So pay attention to your inner guidance first.

Instincts come from your lower “survival” smarts. Some call them your “Gut” instincts because that is exactly it: it comes from your 3rd chakra or your solar plexus, which is yellow and all about your personal will. They are your innate, immediate hit on something feeling right or wrong, safe or not safe. The key word here is automatic or with out thought. Like walking down the street and thinking you will take a short cut, but when you go to turn into a rather secluded alley, you decide, “nope, doesn’t feel right” so you take the longer way. Instincts are there as an automated response to keep you safe, much like your lower ego self.

Now, intuition is something a bit more developed and evolved, and everyone has it. Intuition is an awareness or knowing without reason or explanation. It is something you just know it to be so. Typically, It comes from your 3rd eye, or brow chakra, and has a violet, purple hue. Intuition can be learned consciously as a skill to navigate your life decisions so you can create a life that is flowing and happier, and more fulfilling. You can access your intuition at any time, not just when inspiration strikes, but it takes some guidance, training, and a lot of trust on your part. Some people even start to see their intuitive communication grow to show itself in particular ways like a creative designer seeing inspiration as pictures in their mind. Whenever I design a jewelry piece, I always am inspired and see it first, then I sketch it out for my client. Nicki sees her web designs in her head, the colors, the layout, the look/feel of it. She often sketches them as she is talking to clients, and they are amazed how accurate + insightful she is. Another example is a problem solver, like my techie husband, who just knows this is the solution to the problem at hand and spends his time figuring out how to explain it to the team so everyone see it too.

So, instincts are all about your immediate, automatic response to a situation or a person. Right or wrong, safe or not safe. Your intuition takes that a step further and allows you to ask for guidance at will. Trusting your intuition’s guidance is the next step as you figure out your own intuitive communication style, or how your intuition shows itself to you.

Intuition is a master tool you already have inside you to design your business + create a life you love, you might need a bit of help to learn how to access it + trust it more often.  If so, then you are in luck because that’s what we do.  We are here to teach + guide you in discovering how to walk your own path more intuitively to create the soul-based business + life you love.  Done.

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With Grace + Ease my Friends!

Cristy Nix,


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We might start out all pumped to try a new course, hoping to achieve the results the instructor promises.  We put a bunch of enthusiastic energy into getting it done, then we go to apply it + BAM. Nothing.

Well, this video might explain why this is happening to you, too (our big a-ha moment) + what we found actually works. Plus, we have included the next steps to take, too.

The answer…you gotta get human interaction like support, conversation, passing it by someone who speaks your language.

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With Grace + ease my friends!

Cristy Nix,

Sept~ Sapphires + Soulful Resources

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With this first issue, we are introducing what we hope will become some monthly features, as well as other interesting tidbits and resources. And, we’d love your feedback and thoughts on what is included and other things you would like to see us cover in future issues.

Let’s start with some freebies!


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BUSINESS TIP: Managing Your Calendar
As a business owner, it falls to you to not only work “in” your business – fulfilling orders, managing projects, coaching your clients – but also to work “on” your business. This means that you have to keep business development a priority, even while you’re working on the business you already have.

A key success factor for your business is to put time into client-generating activities while balancing client work and your personal life. One of they key tools we use to help us visualize this is our calendar. Yep, a simple calendar.

EXERCISE: Sit down with a blank calendar and map out a typical month. Put down monthly meetings and networking events. Add your Sunday night football gatherings,Ladies’ night and book club. Insert when your Facebook ad is going out and when you send your newsletter. Carve out time for consultations and strategy sessions. Put it all on there.

Now, step back. Take a look and make sure there are client generating activities on there. One day a week might be enough for your business. Or maybe you need to be working on it one hour each day. Find your balance.

Use the link below to download a PDF of a blank calendar and get started today. The sooner you map it out, the sooner you become master of your calendar.  Calendar Download!

Sapphires, Stone of the Month, September.

Sapphire is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.
From: “Love is in the Earth” by Melody


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