Your Human Design chart is like a house.
By Karen Parker Curry
Each Center represents a room.
The Head Center is the mediation room, where we connect to Source, contemplate and are inspired.
The Ajna is the library, where we seek to understand and know and where we also translate inspiration into tangible possibilities.
The Throat Center is the front door.  This is the place that determines when, with who and how we go out into the world.
The Will Center is the kitchen.  This is the Center that regulates our sustenance and nourishment, both energetically and on the material plane.
The G-Center is the Living Room, the Center we probably should be living out of more in order for us to be aligned with Who We Truly Are and our Right Direction.
The Spleen Center is the laundry room (and that place where you store the mops, buckets and cleaning supplies).  This is where we clean so that the house is a healthy and nurturing environment.
The Emotional Solar Plexus is the dining room.  We don’t always use the dining room.  It’s the place where we connect and create when the energy is right and we’ve prepared a special table for the occasion.
The Sacral is the bedroom – need I say more?
The Root Center is the foundation of the house and the place that keeps the house safe, strong and enduring….
You also have a porch.  Your aura is your porch.  You have control over who (and what) you let onto your porch when you understand how your energy works.  It’s from the porch that you get to decide who and what you let into your house.
Most of us aren’t really fully living in all the rooms of our Human Design house.  We tend to lock ourselves in certain rooms and we don’t travel freely from room to room, creating a balanced and harmonious experience in the house of our Being.
The world needs strong and healthy people to lead us into creating and crafting a new story of alignment, Truth, equity, sustainability, peace and possibility.
You can’t lead if you’re not FREE.
You aren’t really FREE if you’re not fully living in your House.
And you certainly aren’t free if you’re not regulating who or what is on your porch – or coming in your front door.  Or if your foundation is cracked.  Or if you haven’t visited the library or the meditation room in a while.  Or if you’re stuck in the laundry room obsessively cleaning.  Or if you’re just skipping into the kitchen for a snack.  Or if you never have guests over for dinner – or into the bedroom….
Certainly you can’t lead if you’re not really LIVING in your living room – the Heart of Who You Are.
We are all Leaders.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have something to lead the world into.

Could July be your second January?

Hi there, Good to have you here!

It’s July and my birthday month, and one of my rituals is to look at the intentions and goals I set back in January to see if they are still in alignment with where I want to be come December.

We all evolve, change and learn a lot of stuff during the year, and I find this is a great way to check in and feel things out so you can adjust to still be in alignment with make those goals come to life.

So, check out the video where I go through my process, and see what steps feel right for you.  If you like, you’re welcome to join us in The Uniqueness Factor Facebook group where we talk about owning our uniqueness and applying it to make out business run more smoothly + easily.

Remember, Uniqueness = Alignment + Authenticity!  Notice where you are feel drained, stuck, or avoiding doing something…a sign you are out of alignment and something you are doing is not authentically yours.  Deep breath, shift down into your heart and ask, “What am I really being pulled to do?”!

See you in the next Video!

Cristy Nix,

Key to Ideal Clients

The Key to getting ideal clients ALL the time!

So, how many ideal clients have you actually had?

By Ideal, I mean:

  • you knew right off they were a good fit
  • you felt like the trusted you
  • you liked their energy
  • they were ready to cut you a check and move forward
  • you were excited to start working with them

And how did it go?  Did they:

  • fizzle out before getting to the finish line?
  • question everything you did?
  • drag their feet in paying you?
  • did they not seem to understand or “get” you + your process?

Maybe you wanted to just fire them in the end.

Well, these are NOT ideal clients.  My Client Ali was in the same boat as you + most entrepreneurs.  Bringing them in wasn’t the problem.  Figuring out WHO was an “Ideal” fit was.

Watch the video above to start figuring out what your ideal client looks like and how your uniqueness is key to finally getting ALL ideal clients.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, here is a link to my Uniqueness Quiz.

It’s the first step in identifying where your uniqueness might not be showing up in your business causing you to miss your “Ideal” Clients.

See you in the next video!

Cristy Nix,






PS>> If you want to really figure out YOUR unique process for getting ideal clients, let’s chat.

My big A-ha moment!

The real reason your business isn’t working
the way you really wish it would….

There’s a gap between what you know, your tools, skills, and education and how u r doing business. Choosing marketing strategies, products to offer, your list building strategies, goals for your business.

I discovered what I call “the gap” when I started my coaching practice a while back.  Wanting to hit the ground running and be “all in” as you might say, I decided to invest in my education as a coach signing up for a year long program of high ticket coaching.  Their whole premise was creating a conscious business and get clients which was what I wanted.  Wow, he gave us so much information and awesome tools to use, it was wonderful.  But I found myself making up answers because I really didn’t know some of the things he was asking like :  who is your audience, where do they hang out, what is the result they want, what are you really here to offer”.

At the end of the first year, I had NOT make back my investment, and felt totally bummer out.  Then a friend who I had done the first year with asked if we should work together.  I’m thinking, “awesome” so we signed up for a second year.  I applied the tools and information as my coaches suggested…pushing myself to create something to offer and selling it.  I started making a bit of money, and had some clients  but something was still missing.  I wasn’t happy or satisfied at all.  My clients were not getting the results they wanted and my group program just fell apart.  I was devastated, and actually thought about throwing in the towel.  What am I doing here?


So, my business partner + I took a break, and I went back to the core of all of this…me.  I started using my tools and assessments on me, compiling information and comparing it to my business.  As I started making some shifts, I got my first referral, and she was a great fit.  No selling at all.  We simply had a conversation and she asked how to get started, and we were off!  I applied what I did to my business to hers and she started getting great results really quickly.  I was just as amazed as she was.


What’s the gap you ask?  This is what I learned.  That there was a gap between where I was and where they thought I was in my business. Things they just assumed I knew like who I was, how I worked best in my business, and what I really wanted big picture, and the steps to get there.  In a nutshell, my high end coaches assumed I knew my uniqueness and had designed my business from that core space.  Nope, hence the gap. Since I didn’t know myself and they couldn’t help me figure it out or how to apply it (THAT’s a game changer), I just made up what seemed like a good answer and took it from there. The results were good but felt all wrong…like I was pushing to make the numbers happen and if I didn’t I was a failure.  Our coaches said we were doing so well, too! What’s wrong with us?
Question: How many of you have invested in a coaching, training, or any program only to not get the results you expected to get if any?  
Well I hear you, and I’m right there with you.
So I went back to the basics….answering the questions : what do I really want, who am I , what are my unique qualities? What am we here to teach or do for others? Wow, this was enlightening. Then I started applying it to my business almost like a make over….tweaking this, changing that…and the most amazing thing happened…someone referred a client to me. So, I decided to test this theory out with her. She got amazing results and fast, too. Then once I started to really see what it was that was helping her get clear and create exactly the results she wanted, Clients just started to find me.  That’s when I knew I need to share how to bridge the gap.


And the uniqueness factor came into being.  It is made up of 5 insightful exercises to help you jump-start this awareness of how you are, how you work, and what you are here to do…then the secret sauce of applying it to your business.  That is what gets you the results you are really after.


Do u feel like you are being pushed to make the numbers or get results, only to get results that don’t feel good or what you wanted?  Maybe you know there has to be an easier way to still do things your way AND make a good living doing it.  Then this is for you!


Why is this happening? The gap is made up of your unique way of doing business, what I call your uniqueness factors. The first 5 factors are where I start my new clients in getting more aligned.


If your marketing isn’t working or feel the need to rebrand, start here: alignment grid find how u naturally market best to reach and attract your ideal clients.


Business shouldn’t feel hard, but easy and flowing. Let’s find your flow!

Me + the armadillo ~ A lesson in personal power



Ok, so it’s end of the school year and my daughter wants me to bring her teacher a metal, yard art armadillo (which is our school mascot). I’m thinking, “no Sweat”. Got $20 that says I can find one for that. My friend tells where she got her yard art, so I head out there to see what they got.

I find one, smaller than I wanted, but cute for $25. The guy who owns the place comes out and I tell him I only have $20 budget, what can he do for me. So, he offers the $25 armadillo for $20 cash. “Sold!” I say + tell him I’ll go get cash and be right back. Not 5 minutes later I’m back with my cash in hand and the armadillo grasped firmly in the other. I hand him the cash and he looks at me and says “$25”. I pause, thinking to myself, “wait a minute, He just told me $20 cash a minute ago, maybe he is mistaken.” So, I told him I heard him say $20 cash. He tells me “no, I know what I said and even though my English is not so good, I said $25 without tax”.


Yeah, so those two don’t sound the same, so something is up. Plus, I have a heavy feeling in my gut which is my “nope” meter.
So, what do I do? I check in and ask my inner guidance what to do. I hear, “trust yourself + what you heard. It will be fine.” So, I tell him, “nope, I heard you say “$20 cash, and that’s what I have. Do we have a deal?” Well, he hemmed + hawed saying how he didn’t say that, but he was still holding the cash in his hand. By now I’m happy to walk away, leaving no charge of energy on this. It works out or not with this guy. If not then I’ll find another one.

Finally after what felt like an hour, he says, “Well since you are so pretty, I’ll give this to you for the $20”. Works for me, and I’m off to pick up kids with Armadillo in my hand.

My lesson in all this? Keep your ground, trust your gut, and ask. It will work out for your highest good.

So, my question to you is ~ When did you have a situation where you had to totally trust your gut when those around you questioned it?

Do leave your comments + pass this on to anyone you know who might need to trust themselves a bit more!

With Grace + Ease my friends!

New Year, All you!

Happy New Year!
Got a question for you…it’s on everyone’s mind…or at least in your inbox…
So, what do you REALLY want for your business + your life for 2018???
If I had a magic wand and could grant you anything, what would it look like for you?
Before you plan for the new year, you first gotta….
According to Christine Delorey, this is a 2 year or 11 year for the planet:  Click here to read what that means for you here>>>
Wow, I don’t know about you but for me the Christmas season feels like is started way too early this year, even thought it is my fav season.  I love all the lights, the cookie-making, the family time + even the music (just not until AFTER thanks giving, please!)  BUT I am so ready to get back into routine when the kids go back to school!  Sheesh!
Ok, my email has been blowing up with events, workshops + classes to help you start planning + time blocking for next year!  Yikes!  I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to plan when I’m not really clear on a few things like:
~ what I loved doing last year
~ what I wish I had time for
~ what choices felt good + right for me
~ Which ones didn’t…
It’s really about getting clear on what you really want, so I thought I would share my first exercise I do to jump start this new year clarity process.
Want to do this in good company?  Check out my next mini-workshop here>>>

Get Clear for the New Year Mini-workshop!

There are a few things I have found you need to know BEFORE you can start planning for next year to be more awesome than your last!
Well, I’m seeing all the time management + planning days swimming through my in box, and I’m wondering…”How can you plan when you don’t know what you really want first?”
I mean, before you start rehashing what did not go right this last year: goals not met, recitals missed, and your self care put on the back burner so you ended up sick, stressed out + overwhelmed, lets look at what you really DO want this year.  What do you want to feel, know, learn, do, be?
Why do I start there?  Let me share with you what I have learned…
So, here is my own process that I’ve shared with other women business owners + entrepreneurs just like you for getting clear on what I really want this next year in my business and my life so I can level up without selling out…and losing my mind!!
Before I start time blocking, calendar scheduling or choosing what I’m going to offer to my clients, I do the following.  It takes a bit of time, but it will set you up for success the rest of the year, so I feel it’s worth it!
  1. start with what I want in all areas of my life
  2. look at my values, priorities, desired feelings, to see what is in alignment with who I am
  3. My Big choices : make a list of what was NOT fun, or came out in a good way + what I want to do different next time
  4. Finally, apply what I’ve gathered from above and start making a list of what I’d like to offer + do this coming year.  How I want it to feel, look, and flow.
I have discovered the key to having a great, prosperous, fun year where you got to do what you wanted, had plenty of time for family AND made some serious bank really starts inside you.
Sound like fun?  Maybe like a lot to do?  Well, I’ve got you covered!
I’m offering a free little workshop to help you do the activities above with ladies in the same space as you.
It’s my “Get Clear for Your New Year” mini- workshop.  3 days, video prompts + activity sheets to boost that clarity factor!!  Join me here (Did I mention it’s free!!)>>>
Yep, it all starts with you!  Your choices + decisions are what is going to determine your path of success, easy or hard, quick or slow…so how do you choose what will work best for you?
What’s the next step??  Why, getting clear on what you NEED, and I can help you there, too.
Feel free to email me with any questions, and I look forward to seeing you thrive this new year!
Exciting Stuff!