Quality vs. Quantity

Quality or Quantity, THAT is the question!

Is your audience response quality or quantity? Does it bring you aligned clients?

I mean, how much of your audience actually responds to what you share with them?

1 to 2% is the average. What’s yours?  Feel free to share below.

I recently was told by another master coach that the industry average of list engagement is only 1% to 2%, so that you HAVE to have a big list to fill your programs + make your goals. That’s only 20 to 40 people engaged. Not a lot, right?

What if you had a list of 25% or even 40% continuously engaged audience who came from your list of 250 people instead? Less work, 62 more people engaged.

Curious, we ran our numbers and realized that while we have a small list according to industry average, we have a rather surprising engagement rate of 26% to 30% sometimes more (and we are paying attention to that!).

It was an eye opener for us to find out we are above average!

So, how did we do it?

Well, it was simple for us to create a more aligned list since we are only adding people to our list who ask to be on it.

Yep, that’s it.

What did we do exactly?  Well, it’s not just adding all the cards you get from a networking function or at a party or meet up where you don’t really get to connect with anyone.

Nope, we just ask them.  Simple, right?< We created lead magnets like our uniqueness quiz, that attracts our kind of Spirit-based, heart-centered kind of crowd…and ask them to join us.

We go to networking things and chat with a few people, and ask them if they want to jump on the list if we feel they would be a good fit, or offer something of value like a check list or follow up script to exchange.

Our unsubscribe rate is rather low.  Who knew, right?

It’s like having a party…do you want there to mostly be people there you know + enjoy chatting with?

OR a bunch of people you don’t know who are only there to eat your food and heard there was an open bar?

This is YOUR party. That is how you cultivate your aligned list, like building lasting relationships. Same thing. It doesn’t have to take years to grow it and you probably have a great core already.

It’s just perspective.

Your [Inspired action] ~ start thinking of what you really want in a client, what do you they need to know before engaging you, be feeling, want to get out of or solve, and create engagement around that.

AND ASK THEM TO JOIN YOUR LIST.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Permission goes a log way in building trust.

So, that is our insight for the day.  Please leave your feeling on your engagement rates, and how you want your party to be like, and if you enjoyed this, feel free to join our email list.

Exciting Stuff!

Cristy + Nicki of Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur

Finding Your Ideal Audience

[video] Who’s Your Tribe + How to Find Them!

Who’s Your Tribe + How to Find Them!

So, do you know your tribe? By that I mean your audience to whom your work transform’s their lives. It’s important to know who they are. And you can use this information to simplify and streamline your marketing.

Your tribe is who you think of when you create your offers, your content, and your marketing efforts. And it’s not just knowing their demographics – how old they are, how many children they have, if they are married. These things are only important if they are specific to your niche.

I still find it surprising when a client tells me they don’t know their audience.

Not knowing your audience or tribe and can make your marketing efforts feel chaotic and drain your time + energy…and get you hit or miss results in your campaigns.

So, how do you find out who you audience is?

First, look at who you are attracting with your current marketing efforts.  Do you like them?  Wish they were more______?

Then, who do you dream your client was like?  Love your work?  Pay you what your worth + on time?

Next, where do they hang out? Do they shop online? Do they not like going to stores? Do they love shoes? Who else talks to this audience? Who are they following + engaging?

All this goes into what we call your client avatar.  Your avatar – your ideal client – is the one person you talk to when you are crafting your marketing content + offers. Because if you craft a message for this one person, it will resonate with others that are attracted to what you have to offer.

Hope that helped get you heading in a more aligned direction, and we’ll see you in the next video.

Exciting Stuff!

Cristy + Nicki of Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur


Completely Burned Out

Have you ever heard those stories of people at the turn of the century being hospitalized for exhaustion? They were either admitted to the hospital for several days or weeks to rest, or sent to a retreat resort in an idealistic mountain setting and are told to rest and recover.

Exhaustion. It has happened to me for the past two years at the same time of the year. I hit a wall. Hard. I have nothing left to give. I’m done. And my business screams to a halt. But the year isn’t over. I still have clients. I still have projects. And the to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. So now I’m exhausted and anxious.

I am sick. It hurts to move. I feel nauseous. No amount of rest seems to help. I am completely and totally burned out. I want to be sent to the resort in the mountains to recover. What exactly is the insurance billing code for “Exhaustion?” Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover this?

Has this ever happened to you?

This year instead of just suffering through it alone and feeling sorry for myself, I reached out to my community of friends to get their advice. I just want to say that my peeps are amazing. Sure, my Facebook friends and Instagram followers Like and love the pics of my kids, the silly cat memes, pictures of my dog and some of the other fluff I put on my social media outlets. But when it comes to the really serious stuff – you know, when you really need help and advice – these people come out of the woodwork to offer support and advise. I feel truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

Here are a few of the tips they shared for recharging your soul:

  1. icon-hikeGo take a hike. As in literally get up, put on your walking shoes, and head outside to take a walk. Exercise helps work off loads of stress and negativity. I swear sometimes I can feel the stress flowing out of my fingertips. And stepping away from your work, even just for 30 minutes to an hour – can help you refocus and get clear.
  2. Check what you’re eating. Healthy foods recharge your mind and body. I know when I get really busy, I start eating out more which means bigger portions, more queso and chips, and dessert with every meal – things I wouldn’t normally make myself for dinner if I cooked at home. When I take the time to cook healthy meals at home I have better control over what goes in to my body. (Sadly, that means less queso.)
  3. Go green. Green juice helps clear out the toxins that have been building up due to stress.
  4. Take time for yourself. If all you do is give, you never have a chance to take care of your self. This could include a walk (see #1 above), a pedicure, going to the movies by yourself in the middle of the day, visiting an art show or museum. Do something that you like to do, just for you. And make it part of your regular routine.
  5. icon-meditateMeditate. I’ll admit I’m not good at this one. But even if you’re not a Buddist meditation master, you can set aside time each day to just sit and breath. Clear your mind, concentrate on breathing in and then breath out the stress.
  6. Wine and dine. Catching up with your friends can be a great way to recharge, and what better way than over dinner and a glass of something yummy. I know when I am at my busiest, I tend to isolate myself because I’m trying to get it all done. Look up, pick up the phone, and arrange a night out.
  7. Stretch yourself. Do something outside of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s something you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t yet. Maybe it’s something that scares you, but you know it wouldn’t hurt you. We have an indoor skydiving company here in ATX. I sat by and watched my kids do it. Scares the hell out of me, but I think me and the hubbster are going to take it on for our next date night.
  8. icon-strawberryChocolate and music. I love both. And together they are even better. Both help soothe and satisfy an aching soul. Crank up the tunes, bust out the extra dark organic chocolate and savor the moments. Ahhhh, that feels good.


Thanks to advise and input from friends and the support of my family, I’m almost back to 100% full steam ahead. But this time I’ve tried to put some safety nets in place to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m learning to ask for help instead of just doing everything myself. I’m learning to watch for the signs that lead to my becoming exhausted, so that I can take action before I hit the wall. Only time will tell if these things will help. Guess we’ll know about this time next year.

Have you ever burned out? What steps did you take to recover? Please share your thoughts below in the comments.

Have you lost your spark?

How’s your business going?
Are you wishing it could just be easier?
Or maybe not so complicated + time consuming but still bringing in awesome clients and income?

Well, I have a story for you…
I hear you.  Over the last 6 months, I’ve been in this space: wondering why my business felt so hard and complicated, like I was always walking up hill. I felt like I had lost my spark.  I got into this business to help people make their business easier and feel more natural + authentic, while I was sitting here not feeling that way at all.  Totally bummed + heading to burn out.
Have you ever felt this way in your business?

And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.
So, what did I do? I walked through my own process to see how it worked, and I was surprised + even a little amazed at myself. You see, I was trying to design + grow my business to be how someone else told me it should be…. instead of doing what I was pulled to do and doing it consistently. I realized I needed to tweak my business to actually fit who I was as a creative + a coach, not force it to be something it’s not and I’m not.  That’s the hard way.

Now, I have my spark back.  Everything I do in my business feels clear, connected, and on target.  Clients are coming into my pipeline that I really enjoy working with.  I was stressed out and stuck, and now I’m inspired and flowing again.

Do you want YOUR spark back for your business, too? If you are feeling stressed out, stuck, or just plain frustrated with how your business is (or isn’t) going, then let’s talk it out and see what resources + ideas we can come up with together to better fit who you are…..and get your spark back.

If you ARE ready to get your Spark Back, then let’s set up time for a Spark Strategy Session where we can see how we can work together to help you get where you want to be.

In Your Session, we will cover:
~ Getting clear on what you really want in your business that isn’t happening now
~ What you are doing that really feels off or not like you at all
~ Why this feels so hard + complicated for you and how to simplify things
~ Next steps to finally stop doing what’s not working for you + what to do instead.

This session is a great for you if:
~ You are tired of busting your butt and still not getting the results you really want
~ Feel drained, unfocused, and done spinning your wheels
~ Finally want to know why this is all happening + how to change it for good!

So, Are you ready to get your spark back?

What to do next
~ If this speaks to you, then let’s chat.  Grab your spot here on the calendar.  Then I’ll send you some quick questions about your business so we can get to the meaty stuff when we talk.

If this isn’t for you ~ That’s cool.  I’m happy you are in a great place with your business. If you know of someone who would enjoy this story, please forward this on to them. It could be their game-changer!

Losing my spark was a big “a-ha” for me, and it was a game changer to get it back.  I’m super excited to see what we come up with together to really help you get your spark back.

With Grace + Ease my friends!

Co-Founder of Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur

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Sept~ Sapphires + Soulful Resources

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BUSINESS TIP: Managing Your Calendar
As a business owner, it falls to you to not only work “in” your business – fulfilling orders, managing projects, coaching your clients – but also to work “on” your business. This means that you have to keep business development a priority, even while you’re working on the business you already have.

A key success factor for your business is to put time into client-generating activities while balancing client work and your personal life. One of they key tools we use to help us visualize this is our calendar. Yep, a simple calendar.

EXERCISE: Sit down with a blank calendar and map out a typical month. Put down monthly meetings and networking events. Add your Sunday night football gatherings,Ladies’ night and book club. Insert when your Facebook ad is going out and when you send your newsletter. Carve out time for consultations and strategy sessions. Put it all on there.

Now, step back. Take a look and make sure there are client generating activities on there. One day a week might be enough for your business. Or maybe you need to be working on it one hour each day. Find your balance.

Use the link below to download a PDF of a blank calendar and get started today. The sooner you map it out, the sooner you become master of your calendar.  Calendar Download!

Sapphires, Stone of the Month, September.

Sapphire is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.
From: “Love is in the Earth” by Melody


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Is your marketing what’s really the problem?

No, really?  I have many clients who come to me asking about “how to make my marketing work better for me” or “how do I get more ideal clients than not?”

Well, I hear you.  I was reminded the other day that it really isn’t about the marketing:  your message, if you have the right offer in place, what your price points are, and if your title is catchy.  I mean, all those things matter and contribute to the whole of things, but if you dig a little deeper, what is really causing the disconnect, the lack of sales, the scarcity of ideal clients?

Let me put your mind at rest ~ IT’S NOT YOU!  You are brilliant and know you are here to share your gifts with the world in a big way, right?  Money is something that comes from sharing your gifts, right?  THEN WHAT IS IT?

Breathe….it is a combination of bringing the essence of who you are FULLY into your business and paying attention:  to the timing, what inspires you, the pull to offer something awesome, the feeling you aren’t ready to talk on THAT yet, the awareness of timing.  It comes from inside of you, and if you are paying attention, it will keep you in the flow of many good things like selling a LOT of one meditation, connecting with whole groups of amazing people who are your ideal tribe, trust, focus, and attention on what you have to offer and clarity on what they want from you. Good things.

For example, take my client, Lindsey, who is a budding intuitive guide looking to be of service. She was pulled to put something new out into the world and nothing was coming. Panic. Then what do you think happened?

Here are her words:  

“I decided that I’m going to put a short meditation and a report about ‘Discovering Your Intuition’ up on my website as a freebie. But I’ve been having difficulty sitting down and making the meditation. I’m sure this is some kind of fear blockage. But as I’m working, something on my desktop catches my eye, and I realize it’s another Intuition folder. I open it, and there is an Intuition Meditation I made in January!

“I made it, planning on focusing on Intuition, then got scared and indecisive and left it. I totally forgot I had it. Now I feel like it was all meant to happen that way. 🙂

Now I can just get it uploaded tomorrow and start driving traffic to it.”

Done.  Timing is something Lindsey and I have worked on during our sessions and I’m thrilled it finally served her.

So, what can you do to pay more attention + be more in the flow of awesomeness?

Here are some tips to help you pay attention and know when it’s time to put something new out into the world.

  • Keeping a notebook of ideas + inspiration are great to keep you on track + on task.  Great to look at when you feel stuck or bored.
  • Be mindful when you keep getting “pulled” or an idea keeps popping into your head over + over.  Sit with it.
  • If you are stuck + nothing is coming to you, like Lindsey, then sit back and look to see what you have created like it in the past
  • Ask yourself, “What do I feel like sharing today?” and see what comes to you.

Remember, you are full of amazing insight + gifts to share. So share them, but have a plan and direction in mind. Otherwise, it will be difficult to make really big things happen in a way that feels really good for you.

If you would like to explore your own gift sharing strategies, then book your Soulful Business Breakthrough Session.  It’s FREE and all about you and making your business work!

Until next time!

Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur founders Cristy Nix + Nicki Gann