VIDEO ~ Happiness is a sign of being in Alignment

Yep, The amount of happiness in your life + your business is a great barometer to see what’s working and what might need a few tweaks.  So the question is: What are you happy with right now in your life + your business?  What are you not?
The Story ~ When I was cruising the web researching an idea that popped into my head, I came across this blog by Marc + Angel hack life.  Great stuff (so much that I joined their list, which rarely happens, BTW).  Here they laid out “10 ways Happy people prioritize their to do list”, and I had to read it.  Amazing stuff!  I was surprised how many things I was doing, and yes, they were helping me create that happy buzz you get when something works from the inside out….and then I was reminded of a few things I forgot and have started putting them into practice since action is the last ingerdient into manifesting anything, especially happiness.
Boom!  I could actually see + feel how the things I was doing felt more in alignment…and created more happiness for me in my daily work/life.
A win/win, I’d say.
So I thought I would spread the happiness….
Here are a few ideas:
Do 1 thing at a time with Full presence
Family + Friends are at the top
Focus on Importance, not Urgency
Things like that.  Like I said, good stuff, huh?  Take what resonates + sparks you up, and let go of the rest.  This isn’t a have to” list, just ideas to bring your work/life more into alignment with who you are at your core.
You see, Happiness is the wonderful by product of doing things in alignment with your soul, or who you are on the inside.  By doing what you are pulled (not pushed) to do, then great things can happen…thus the happiness factor.
So my question for you is:  what are you doing in your business + life right now that feels happy…makes you feel happy doing it?  Maybe you are getting great results, maybe not (that is a sign something else is out of alignment, but that is another chat).  But what it all boils down to, is what is feeling really good right now?
Write it down, give it some love, and look back on it when you need a pick me up or a reminder of what makes you feel good + happy, because THAT is what will make creating your Soul-Based Business Cake.  Yummy!
Oh, watch for my post tomorrow where I will share the rest of their list…and we’ll see how many you are doing + what you might want to start working on.
With Grace + Ease my Friends!!
Cristy Nix,
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How to make those online courses actually get results!

What would you do if you KNEW how to make any online course get the results you wanted?

Well, we feel like we have finally figured it out!

If you are anything like me,  you might be tired of investing the time, energy, and money into online courses and not seeing the results you were hoping for….total bummer, right?

We hear you!

We might start out all pumped to try a new course, hoping to achieve the results the instructor promises.  We put a bunch of enthusiastic energy into getting it done, then we go to apply it + BAM. Nothing.

Well, this video might explain why this is happening to you, too (our big a-ha moment) + what we found actually works. Plus, we have included the next steps to take, too.

The answer…you gotta get human interaction like support, conversation, passing it by someone who speaks your language.

Simple, right? But it’s something you cannot do by yourself, so we would like to be of help.

If you want us to help you make your online coursework actually get work for you, then let’s chat to see where you are, why things aren’t working and next steps to get you achieving what you really want out of that online course ~ RESULTS!

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That’s it.  Chat soon!

With Grace + ease my friends!

Cristy Nix,

[video] How to Make “Being Visible” Something You Actually Want to Do!

We’ve all been there, some of us more than others.

The quandary:

“How to I get more ideal clients?” my client asks me.

“Well, you need to put yourself out there more,” I offer kindly.

“But I don’t like putting myself out there.  I mean who actually likes speaking in front of people?  Networking? And don’t get me started on social media!” She counters back.

“I hear you,” I said. “But if you don’t put yourself out there, they will not know you exist.”

“Peachy,”  she replies. “But there has to be a way to not dread doing it.  It’s draining and not any fun!”

“Yep, it’s called aligned visibility, and I can help you do it.”

Does this conversation hit home at all?  For many of us, “putting ourselves out there” is frustrating, baffling, and exhausting.

Why?  Because there are so many different perspectives on HOW you need to be visible.

And we are here to tell you there is only one…and it’s actually so simple you might miss it.  Do it YOUR WAY!

So, throw the rule book out the window and let’s set a course to help you find your own path in being more visible.

Be sure to watch the video to get what I’m talking about and how to find your own brand of Visibility Awesomeness!

@soulfulalign Alignment NOT Rules!

And hey, if you would like a support system in find YOUR best way to be visible, check out our next Aligned Visibility Challenge Starting Soon!


Exciting Stuff!

Cristy Nix,

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[video] How to Manifest Faster with the Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard, “What you focus on is what you will create?”
Well, that my friends is the Law of attraction.  Manifesting is your own ability to bring what you want into fruition, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some challenges around bringing things into my life that I want to make happen.  What’s funny is that is what we do for our clients everyday, help them bring their business into alignment with who they are so manifesting what the really want is a whole lot easier.
But, you know cobbler’s shoes and all.
So, when a client so clearly put it in such a simple + direct manor, I had to share it with you.  She said ” being in alignment sure makes the law of attraction work faster”
BOOM!!!  Mind Blown!!
Law of attraction
We work so hard to push ourselves to work harder, do more, try more things, do things we really don’t want to, but feel we “have” to.
But is that really putting us in a place to manifest what we really want?
By aligning ourselves with what we want to put out into the world is key, and keeping our focus there, and not the money, stress, and self doubt, is what is really going to serve us AND our clients best, right?
So, my question, what do you feel is hard or challenging in your world? Your business?
THAT is what is holding you back from manifesting with ease.  So, stop being so hard on yourself, and find someone to help you get your business in alignment with who you are.  It’s just easier.  And I’m feeling like we could all use a little more of that, right?
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Exciting Stuff!!
 Cristy Nix,

Five Tips for Being Socially Aware

We all know it. It doesn’t really need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway. These days if you want to be seen and heard you have to be online.  And in a day and age when being online is no longer an option, being socially aware is more important than ever.

What do I mean by socially aware?

In this context being socially aware means being conscious of what information is available about you online and how people find and access that information. It might not be the best part of your business, but it is a very important one.

So what can you do to be more socially aware? Where do you start? Below are five tips on how to stay aware and protect yourself.

1. Google yourself.

Go on. Type your name or your business’s name in the search bar and see what Google has to say about you. A few years ago I would Google myself and find all of my race results from forever. Well, I haven’t been running much over the past decade, and have certainly been active online in a plethora of other ways.

Google Yourself

Recently, I found out their are more people out there that spell my name the same way (Nickole). Who knew?! Google did. And that picture I posted of me on my Facebook page where I was sitting at the cafe in San Francisco? Yep, Google likes that one a lot.

What do you find when you Google yourself?

2. Manage your privacy settings.

Doug’s dad’s uncle’s mother should not be able to see your Facebook profile unless you guys are actually friends. It’s pretty easy to manage who sees your content on Facebook, as long as you take the time to manage it. For me, only approved friends and family can see my personal page. Which brings us to #3.

3. Decide who your friends should be.

accept-rejectYes, you can be picky about who gets to view your profile. You do not have to accept Doug’s dad’s uncle’s mother as your friend unless you really want to. And there is NO GUILT there. I receive 3-4 friend requests each week. Sometimes I know the person, trust them, and accept their request immediately. Other times I have no idea who the person is, so I go check out their profile, see how many friends we have in common, and figure out if I do actually know them or if it is a totally random request before making a decision.

Here’s the deal. Whomever I accept to be my friend on Facebook gets access to all my posts, gets to see all my pictures, gets to like and comment and interact. I have pics of me, my husband, my kids, my pets, my hikes…. they get access to all of that.

You get to choose who gets access. You have ever right to be picky about who gets access. There is no obligation to accept. There is no guilt not to accept.

Same goes for all of your other social accounts as well. Monitor and be choosy about who gets access to your information.

4. Review, Purge, Protect

It is a good idea to sit down and have a heart to heart with your social network accounts from time to time. Think of it as spring cleaning, but for your online accounts instead of your house.

Review your privacy settings for each account and a make adjustments accordingly. The networks will make updates to their policies periodically, so be sure to go in and make sure your settings are still to your liking.

Purge your list. I know it sounds anti-social and icky and you don’t want people to hate you. I know that for me, there are a few people on my list that I accepted because we were friends in high school or because they were coworkers at a corporate job I had three jobs ago. Turns out that we have nothing in common now. And they are still seeing pictures of my kids and pets. No bueno. Take a look at your list of connections across your social networks and make sure you still want everyone on that list to continue to have access to your online accounts. Again, there is no guilt in removing someone from your social network if it is not longer a mutually beneficial relationship.

Protect your personal/professional image. By taking the time to review who you let have access and periodically purging people from your list you will be taking a big step toward protecting your personal and professional image – both online and off.

5. Accept that the Internet is forever.

imsorry-memeMy racing scores from ten years ago are still online. Today, I found a picture of myself running (mostly walking) the Seattle half-marathon from two years ago. The first thing I ever posted to Google Plus is on the first page of Google. That crazy picture of you drunk at the lake with your friends that you posted three years ago. Yep, your new boss can go online and search and find it. Embarrassing!

What you put out into the interwebs stays on the interwebs!

All this to say, be picky about what you put out there. Think before you post. I’m not saying everything you put out into the world has to be sunshine and rainbows. We all know nobody is always sunshine and rainbows. Yes, you can post that you are having a shitty day or that you are partying at the lake or that you are at the basecamp at Mt. Everest (they have wifi, right?). But when you post or comment or like or share make sure you take the time to think, “Is this a true reflection of me and how I feel or what I believe? Is this part of the image I want to project to the world?” And if the answer is yes, then go for it!

Using Visuals to Engage Your Audience

Five Ways to Engage Your Audience with Visuals

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and update this old adage for our modern times:

A visual is worth more clicks, shares and tweets.

We recently asked our Facebook peeps, “What is your favorite communication vehicle to use that you feel gives you more connection + engagement with your audience?”

Overwhelmingly, the answer was visuals: images, video, and the new kid on the block – Periscope.

People engage better with visual content. Period. It’s easier to understand. It tells a story. It evokes emotions. Our busy lives, our modern brains – for better or worse – like to skim over words and go right for the juicy stuff – the images.

So here are a few ways you can use visuals to engage your audience, increase engagement and ramp up social sharing.


#1: Use Videos

How many times have you stopped to watch that cat video just because it is already rolling as your scroll through your feed? Facebook peeps love video. Eight of the top 10 most shared posts in 2014 were videos. And Facebook (the company) loves videos, too. Their algorithms seem to favor them over text and link only posts. So if you haven’t considered using video to engage your audience, I encourage you to rethink your choice. There are several options out there to help you out. And they don’t have to be professional quality (remember those cat videos?). They just need to be engaging and informative.

Use video to engage your audience

#2: Create Quote or Testimonial Graphics

I love sharing inspiring quotes. And by turning them into an image they have the potential to reach a larger audience. And people are more likely to share your quote or testimonials if it is an image instead of just text or a link. Also, try to add your logo or website address to the graphic. It it blows up and is shared worldwide, you want to make sure people know where it came from originally.


#3: Use Personal Photos

Engage your audience with a personal photo of you, your employees, your office…. Whether you are attending an event or showing off your new, cute office space, let your followers know there is a real person behind everything that you do. Remember, people do business with people. Make sure you take the time to show the face, space, activities behind the magical work you do for the world.


#4: Add Captions

Don’t leave your visuals to tell the story all by themselves. Tie your image or video to your brand by adding a one or two line caption. It gives your audience a hint of what to expect and helps you tell the story.Go a step further and follow the caption with a link or a hashtag to further encourage them to engage with your brand.


Use a caption to help engage your audience

#5: Say Thank You to Your Followers

Never forget that your audience is taking time out of their busy day to engage with you, to provide feedback, to share what it is you’re sharing. My mama always said, “You catch more flies with honey.” A simple expression of gratitude when you hit milestones in your journey makes you and your brand more accessible. It will also encourage people to leave comments about their personal experiences.

These types of posts tend to attract high engagement, so be sure to add your logo and use your fonts to brand the image. Let make sure everyone knows who is saying Thank You.


How do you use visuals to engage your audience? Share in the comments below and let us know!