A lesson in intuition

A lesson in intuition and it’s ok to change course in mid sentence.
Yes, we’ve all been there.  You commit to something you usually love to do that’s a while out, but you love to do it, teach it, talk about it, so it will be fun, right?
Not when your instincts tell you you need the change course and don’t tell you what to do instead until your in the middle of said talk.  Yay!  So, what really happened and how can you course correct?
So, I am in my 1 year (creativenumberology.com), and I completely forgot about it or I would have just shifted when prompted instead for sticking to my plan formed 4 months ago.  You see, the 1 year is the innovator year and it’s all about change, shifts what you knew to be your go to strategies + processes to a leveling up of sorts through the power of change.
I saw the signs that this was NOT what I was meant to be teaching.  I didn’t feel the spark or excitement to give my talk.  I didn’t have anything to offer for them to go deeper with me.  Coming up with the outline of what I was going to say felt heavy + clunky.  Going to the meeting and getting everything set up was even harder than normal.
All the signs were there…and I couldn’t let go of the focus that I HAVE to do this because I committed to do it.  But my instincts were telling me, “no, not this”…and did I listen?

And I forgot.
And went ahead with my go-to talk on intuition anyway.
And SURPRISE!  It didn’t land AT ALL.
People barely clapped at the end.  No one came up to me to ask questions or go further.
Nothing but dead air.
So, what happened?
Another wake up call from Spirit.  That’s what.
This is what I came to me at 5 am the next morning.  I should have trusted my instincts when they did show me what to talk about.  It would have been easy to shift my topic when I was guided to instead of staying with what I committed to by asking permission in the moment and moving forward from there.
Mental note to self, right?
So, how am I making it right…
I’m offering my group a personal Zoom session where I will read their hands and show them what they actually need in their business + their life to reach their goals without losing what matters most.  And it’s actually right there with them.  Has been this whole time.
My offer? To give them the chance to do a deeper dive with me (which I reserve only for 1 on 1 clients, now).
So, lesson learned (for now).  Stay true to yourself + listen.  Pay attention.  Take action or nothing will change and you’ll have to learn the lesson again.
Your inner CEO has it’s own way of guiding you every step of the way, even if you don’t think it’s right there with you.
With grace + ease,

PS>> Want to know more about what goes into a hand reading session?  Check it out here.

What’s your aligned decision-making strategy?

So, how do you know you are making an aligned decision in your business?
One thing that still amazes me is talking to clients and hearing how frustrated they are that things are not coming about like they want.  Nothing is more frustrating than really wanting to create some result in your business and it falling flat.  I find the lack of results are often frustrating, stressful, and can even make you not want to play anymore.
I hear you!  and I want you to know you are NOT alone in this!
We all experience the frustration, the stress, and the bitterness of not being able to create what we want in the way we thing we should.  Yep, even me.
But I know how to recognize the signs + how to shift it.
Want to know?
It’s what I call a sign called working against your innate life strategy.  You see, we are all uniquely design to find our abundant flow in an aligned way, and it’s not the same for everyone.  For some of us, it’s frustration, others its feeling bitter or really angry.
So, how do you find out what this means for you + how to shift it?
Let’s start by finding your unique blueprint by learning your Unique Human design.
You see, each of us is a Type that has a unique life purpose and decision-making strategy which is crucial for making correct choices that are in alignment with your way of creating abundance.
Every Type also has an emotional theme. Your emotional theme is the most common emotion you experience, both from within yourself and from others. You will always experience this emotional theme, even if you live completely true to yourself. The key is to understand the nature of your emotional theme and to not let it create a self-destructive emotional reaction.
Your wealth theme is what each Type needs to honor and allow in order to create abundance.  If you are not following your wealth theme, you’re not accessing the full potential of your energy and your abundance in a way that is sustainable, healthy or joyful.
Want to know what YOUR Unique Human Design chart says about you?
In an information packed, 2 hour session you will discover:
  • Your unique life purpose
  • Your unique decision-making strategy
  • How to recognize your non-self theme (a sign you are NOT being yourself)
  • Your emotional authority (how to know your divine timing)
  • why you do what you do all the time + differently other times depending on circumstances
  • Your wealth theme, so you know what process you need to honor to keep yourself in abundant mode
Plus, I’ll record it so you can go over it again (which you will so want to).
I know that sounds like a lot of information and it is.  But remember, it’s ALL you.
You are unique and rather complicated when it comes to how you are designed to work.  I’m here to guide you through the process and help you use it to your advantage for a business + life of grace + ease.
AND Since I feel so strongly about offering this personal deep dive, I’m giving you $100 of my normal price of $497, but only through the blog.
If this sounds like something you really are pulled to do, then click the button below and read more about what you can expect and set up your time to get your Human design Session done.
Remember, you are wired to be successful.  You just have to know what that looks like + DO IT!
Exciting Stuff!
Cristy Nix, SoulfulAlignedbiz.com


Your Human Design chart is like a house.
By Karen Parker Curry
Each Center represents a room.
The Head Center is the mediation room, where we connect to Source, contemplate and are inspired.
The Ajna is the library, where we seek to understand and know and where we also translate inspiration into tangible possibilities.
The Throat Center is the front door.  This is the place that determines when, with who and how we go out into the world.
The Will Center is the kitchen.  This is the Center that regulates our sustenance and nourishment, both energetically and on the material plane.
The G-Center is the Living Room, the Center we probably should be living out of more in order for us to be aligned with Who We Truly Are and our Right Direction.
The Spleen Center is the laundry room (and that place where you store the mops, buckets and cleaning supplies).  This is where we clean so that the house is a healthy and nurturing environment.
The Emotional Solar Plexus is the dining room.  We don’t always use the dining room.  It’s the place where we connect and create when the energy is right and we’ve prepared a special table for the occasion.
The Sacral is the bedroom – need I say more?
The Root Center is the foundation of the house and the place that keeps the house safe, strong and enduring….
You also have a porch.  Your aura is your porch.  You have control over who (and what) you let onto your porch when you understand how your energy works.  It’s from the porch that you get to decide who and what you let into your house.
Most of us aren’t really fully living in all the rooms of our Human Design house.  We tend to lock ourselves in certain rooms and we don’t travel freely from room to room, creating a balanced and harmonious experience in the house of our Being.
The world needs strong and healthy people to lead us into creating and crafting a new story of alignment, Truth, equity, sustainability, peace and possibility.
You can’t lead if you’re not FREE.
You aren’t really FREE if you’re not fully living in your House.
And you certainly aren’t free if you’re not regulating who or what is on your porch – or coming in your front door.  Or if your foundation is cracked.  Or if you haven’t visited the library or the meditation room in a while.  Or if you’re stuck in the laundry room obsessively cleaning.  Or if you’re just skipping into the kitchen for a snack.  Or if you never have guests over for dinner – or into the bedroom….
Certainly you can’t lead if you’re not really LIVING in your living room – the Heart of Who You Are.
We are all Leaders.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have something to lead the world into.

Could July be your second January?

Hi there, Good to have you here!

It’s July and my birthday month, and one of my rituals is to look at the intentions and goals I set back in January to see if they are still in alignment with where I want to be come December.

We all evolve, change and learn a lot of stuff during the year, and I find this is a great way to check in and feel things out so you can adjust to still be in alignment with make those goals come to life.

So, check out the video where I go through my process, and see what steps feel right for you.  If you like, you’re welcome to join us in The Uniqueness Factor Facebook group where we talk about owning our uniqueness and applying it to make out business run more smoothly + easily.

Remember, Uniqueness = Alignment + Authenticity!  Notice where you are feel drained, stuck, or avoiding doing something…a sign you are out of alignment and something you are doing is not authentically yours.  Deep breath, shift down into your heart and ask, “What am I really being pulled to do?”!

See you in the next Video!

Cristy Nix, SoulfulAlignedbiz.com

Key to Ideal Clients

The Key to getting ideal clients ALL the time!

So, how many ideal clients have you actually had?

By Ideal, I mean:

  • you knew right off they were a good fit
  • you felt like the trusted you
  • you liked their energy
  • they were ready to cut you a check and move forward
  • you were excited to start working with them

And how did it go?  Did they:

  • fizzle out before getting to the finish line?
  • question everything you did?
  • drag their feet in paying you?
  • did they not seem to understand or “get” you + your process?

Maybe you wanted to just fire them in the end.

Well, these are NOT ideal clients.  My Client Ali was in the same boat as you + most entrepreneurs.  Bringing them in wasn’t the problem.  Figuring out WHO was an “Ideal” fit was.

Watch the video above to start figuring out what your ideal client looks like and how your uniqueness is key to finally getting ALL ideal clients.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, here is a link to my Uniqueness Quiz.

It’s the first step in identifying where your uniqueness might not be showing up in your business causing you to miss your “Ideal” Clients.

See you in the next video!

Cristy Nix, SoulfulAlignedbiz.com






PS>> If you want to really figure out YOUR unique process for getting ideal clients, let’s chat.