Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur was created with a desire and passion to help women entrepreneurs align their business with who they are to manifest the life they REALLY want while serving the world in a more powerful way.

We understand what it is like to be a woman business owner trying to juggle all of the jobs, tasks, demands, joys and tears that comes with running your own business with the focus of creating an awesome life.

Our mission is to provide the insight, tools and unique support your need so you can create profitable + Soul Satisfying Businesses that YOU love and still be home in time for your life.

Cristy NixCristy Nix

Manifesting Mentor, Alignment Strategist, Published Author, Purposeful Jeweler, Mom Entrepreneur!
An internationally-Known Intuitive, Cristy specializes in aligning your business with who you are + what you are here to do to help guide you where you want to be.  She is known for her direct, to-the-point coaching style + intuitive ability which offers an uncanny advantage for solo entrepreneurs to get successful business results fast. After realizing her passion for creativity, communication, and connection, she ditched marketing for IBM to successfully run 3 businesses of her own giving her 16 years of lifestyle and entrepreneurial experience. After working with + being trained by some of the entrepreneurial worlds best coaches, she now shares her wisdom and experience to empower visionary entrepreneurs to not only grow a Soul-Satisfying Business, but create the life they love.

When she’s not coaching or designing jewelry, Cristy enjoys time with her husband and two children in Austin, Texas. Her weekends are filled with soccer games, birthday parties and Sunday dinners. If you’re lucky, you can catch her out on Friday or Saturday nights hanging out with her friends watching the kids play with a glass of wine in her hand. Grab a glass + join us!

Nicki Gann

Nickole GannMarketing Consultant and Freelance Art Director, Woman Entrepreneur
Nicki began her design career working as an apprentice of sorts while in college and parlayed that into a full-blown marketing and design career after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. While working in San Francisco, she took a class and fell in love with HTML and all things Web related, and hasn’t looked back! Her mad design and programming skills have taken her to island paradises and back again. Nicki kicked off her marketing company in 2004 with the aim to help small businesses reach their online potential.

Nicki’s passion is to mentor women entrepreneurs and help them accelerate their businesses to the next level. She has been blessed to have some incredible mentors in her life, people that she can point a finger at and say, “you made a difference in my life and my business.” Her work with Soulful Aligned Entrepreneur represents her own way of both giving back and paying it forward.

When not designing and programming and making the world a prettier place, Nicki stays busy raising two active boys, keeping the dog out of the pantry and reminding the husband to take the trash out on Wednesday. She currently calls Austin, Texas home, but is always scheming on how to move the family and the business somewhere closer to a beach! She loves Tex-Mex and margaritas and would be happy to take you on a Tour de Queso while you’re in town.